"STEEL GUARD NANOCOAT“ is a ready to use Rust Preventive & Rust Resistant Formula. One thin layer of “STEEL GUARD NANOCOAT“ is enough to act at molecular level and creates a nano film on steel and prevents rust and also increases bonding strength of steel more than 100% with concrete in construction and also painting. (Tests carried out at reputed institutes) Based on nanotechnology, it penetrates deep inside the pores of the rusted surface and brings out the existing rust & stops further rusting. Coating thickness of only 0.02 microns which makes it highly scratch resistant on paint top of steel guard (Tested up to 5 kgs.) The unique crystalline arrangement of NANOCOAT adheres to both the steel & paint surface very strongly leading to an enormous increase in the bonding of paint with steel .

    The final coat of paint on the surface does not peel off readily on applying STEEL GUARD NANOCOAT . Steel guard is water based, it gives a much higher coverage area.An Eco friendly, safe, reusable, RoHS complied liquid having no adverse environmental impact. “STEEL GUARD NANOCOAT “ has successfully passed a 170 degree Bend Test. Based on latest development i.e. 21 st century.

    Safe Eco - FriendlyTreatment (MSDS)

    “STEEL GUARD NANOCOAT “ Confirms to RoHS (Reduction of hazardous Substance Directive 2002/95/EC) thereby it does not contain Lead, Hexavalent Chromium, Mercury, Cadmium, Polybrominated Diphenylethers.

    “STEEL GUARD NANOCOAT TM “is an Inorganic, Non – inflammable, Non evaporative, Non – toxicant, Fire Retardant Liquid having no Polar Formation and Electro Static Effect on steel.


Prevent corrosion of Rebar

Avoid frequent MS Surface maintenance cost.

SINGLE COAT makes it extremely cost effective & economical.

Low viscosity (1.035) leads to a much higher coverage leading to huge reductions in cost

No change in the physical and chemical properties of the applied surface.

Avoids repetitive repainting & restructuring of structures which saves on additional paints & labor cost.

No external coat (Film Thickness of "0.02" micron under Delta meter) is formed on its surface along with protecting it from rusting.

Easy to apply, doesn’t require skilled worker and is a very user friendly product.

In organic and Water based product