How To Use

Step 1

“STEEL GUARD NANOCOAT” can be applied by brushing, spraying, dipping.

Step 2

The surface to be applied should be cleaned and free from any rust, dust, dirt, grease, oil & old paints. Heavy rusted portions should be rubbed with a wire brush to remove the flaky, scaly loose rust and then wiped off before applying.

Step 3

“STEEL GUARD NANOCOAT” should be applied, preferably between the temperature range of 5º C to 45º C and relative humidity of 40% to 95 %, for excellent results.

Step 4

When “STEEL GUARD NANOCOAT ” is applied on the rusted surface , the color gradually changes to dark blue / black with white spots (because of rust) indicating that the chemical reaction has taken place .The white portion can then be wiped & washed off with water and kept to dry.


The usual drying time for “STEEL GUARD NANOCOAT ” is 30 minutes under normal weather condition which then needs to be kept in open for 24 hrs to completely cure & make it rust proof. However, the drying can be reduced by using blower fans, heat lamps, etc.

Step 6

Always pour / unload Steel Guard chemical only in a PVC / Plastic container and not in any other metallic container.

Step 7

Always wear Hand Gloves, Eye Goggles while using Steel Guard.