Cleaning and degreasing treatments are one of the most crucial factors in fabrication and coating industry. Effective degreasing of components directly affects important parameters like corrosion resistance, topcoat and primer adhesion and overall performance of the end product.
Considering condition of metal, presence of grease, oils and soils and end use of the product on the field, use of <Degrezzo -DR201 as degreasing agent can be the best option for better function of coatings done on the product.
Formulated by Altron Chemicals, DEGREZZO DR 201 is a powerful cleaner designed to remove a wide range of soils including oils, grease and grime from MS sheets, vehicle bodies as wel as chassis

Benefits of Degrezzo DR- 201

Removes oil

Removes oil, grease and dirt

cleaning surfaces

Ideal for cleaning surfaces before applying any type of coating to vessels, chassis and components to be coated

Effective formula

Effective formula ensures rapid penetration of stubborn deposits at economical dilution rates

water softeners

Contains water softeners and soil suspenders to remain effective even in areas with hard water